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Big Fish (Ode over Chance The Rapper)
Down Bad (Ode over Dreamville)
404 3RR0R
Staying Alive
Another One ft. KBO
Wavy (ft. KIP & Blak Iron/Papa Zaniel)
Old Me

Quotable Bars

"Tryna find a mic that'd reach the whites & those across the globe, so when I speak they listen for my soul — and hope the collected conscience consents to end conflict."

Reflection Inception
The WILD (2015)
January 14, 2019

"What ya gonna do when your life acts on you? Might as well feel good, share gratitude — actually call your mother, enjoy a convo or two while conversation's offered to you..."

Light Up The World
The WILD (2015)
January 13, 2019

"...I want you to see & not be afraid, & find that your brain can be trained to resist the strain when it's love on your heart with a spark that lights the dark."

It's a Wildenfree World (Ode over Snoop Dogg)
SOK2 (2014)
January 12, 2019

"Blaow! How you eat things like cow, like his soul don't matter to you now — or never has it?"

OverthinKing (Ode over Souls of Mischief)
SOK3 (2016)
January 11, 2019

"The only reason I am destined for greatness? 'Cause I finally figured out waze to make it - my destination."

January 9, 2019

"Woke up to vivid dreams & laughter, when I was younger I wanted to be a pastor, who would've ever thought this guy would be a rapper, Florida State Seminole & fine art trapper..."

Nights Dreaming To Wake Up (Ode over Thelonius Martin)
January 8, 2019

"I've been groomed by the sculpting of my attitude & I put my hands together thankful for my gratitude."

Breezin' (Ode over George Benson)
January 7, 2019

"Coincidences coincide with your destiny, learn the first insight, & you'll start noticing..."

I'm The Man (Ode over Ludacris)
SOK3 (2016)
January 6, 2019

"Falling in love is letting your heart take the lead; I've been living by society's despise for the team — Black in spite the repercussions of the dream, I'ma Dream... right into the void where ego's never seen."

Redstripe (Ode over Jeremih/NAO)
SOK3 (2016)
January 5, 2019

"But to change several frames of mind, we gotta push paint brushes into colorful primes — the creation of black, the matter of fact is that the fear that they perceive is not reality."

Outside (Ode over The Game)
SOK3 (2016)
January 4, 2019

"Be mad at me if that helps you cope. Animal whisperer, I'm speaking so that they have hope. Be mad at me for the truth I spoke, just know that this the realest shit I've ever wrote."

Lord Willin' (Ode over Logic)
SOK3 (2016)
January 3, 2019

"That's some bull if you ever smelt it... Animals are dying, only vegans felt it. We are the world how are we still selfish...? Conversations need to be had, but ya'll just talkin bout some Bull Shxt."

Bull Shxt ft. Klass (prod. by Anno Domini)
& (2017)
January 2, 2019

Featured Blog Posts

I Love the way I want to love. That may or may not be favored by you. I Love as much as I have & want to give, as little or as much as that is... & I accept what Love I have been blessed to receive, at any increment.

Intention forever remains the victim of interpretation. Talking to Strangers is a noteworthy book to alkalize your naiveté, ice bath your childish glee & make you think twice about human interaction.

We are attached to the things that we do. Indoctrinated by society, then inevitably... mostly, by choice. As a society, we valuate one another based on the things that we do. Not of who we are, but of what we do.

An associate friend of mine asked me something I thought I knew the answer to... “what value do I have to provide?”

Many of us men go most of our lives not knowing how to process & make sense of our emotional hues, triggers & breakdowns. Once we give way to vulnerability, that which was suppressed will flow out relentlessly.

To the greatest love of my life,‍ I have a confession to make. I am sure you are already aware. I’ve come to Love another... I’ve known Love elsewhere.

True Balance is the most elusive aspect of this human existence. Just when you think you’ve got it, something else tips you just off the scale.

A Letter that I wrote for my sister. I wanted to share it with my Tribe, because I want you to know of her resilience. To my sister that's just now seeing this, Hey Aosta! xD