July 31, 2019

On Self-Worth | An Elevator Pitch of my Value

An associate friend of mine asked me something I thought I knew the answer to... “what value do I have to provide?”

Now, naturally, to those who are more than waist-deep in their spiritual sense,  this statement would come off a bit... abrasive. And yet, there I was in that moment genuinely trying to decipher just exactly how it is I perceived myself for the value I have to provide.

Value can be pretty apparent in most cases, but often enough we find situations where value is not so easily pegged or is found in a quality that wasn’t even considered prior to encountering it for all it’s worth. We’ve all met some Linchpins in our lives. If you are reading this, I am sure you are amongst us that are or are well on your way.

Still, I wanted to pinpoint my value in that moment & I remembered why I was having difficulty. We live in a commoditized world. With attention being the greatest currency there is, it makes sense that one would want to cut right to the chase & know with maximum efficiency & brevity, what value they may receive from interacting with me.

This was something I had thought of quite often. I have written my calling & my purpose to delineate such an understanding of myself. Feel free to view my Bio for that. However, in that moment of answering her question, I could not quite pinpoint it. Something that I inherently knew to be true, was that regardless of how I hope to convey myself, I cannot control how others interpret me or my value.

With practical products, services or specified problem-solving, all of those things have a very direct & easily understood value. It can be quantified & given a proper valuation by an entire industry.

However, how I perceive quantifying the value of art — how I perceive myself — both are not so simple.

Can you explain to me in a brief-elevator pitch what value your favorite music artist or favorite song has contributed to your life? Can you detail a specific solution it solved in such a way that you could sell it to someone else? Would you have been able to perceive this artist’s ability to provide you that value before you were fully immersed in hearing that song so near & dear to you?

It’s not so easy of a task, is it? Well, then again perhaps it would be easy if not confined to one elevator ride.

I’m sure you could go on & on about it if left unchecked because in the moments you’re listening to this ethereal song, your tastes, intuition, instinct, senses & heart are all in concert. In hindsight & proper reflection, you’ve gleaned so many valuable feelings, lessons, insights, & expressions, that you could really write a full essay on this one song. Most songs don’t hit the same, not even from this same artist, but this one for you? Life-changing.

Perhaps this song had even saved you from an existential crisis, one in which you were seeking to voluntarily depart from this world as we know it. On repeat, you find solace in a song by this artist, sharing similar sentiments of vulnerability, weakness... and of overcoming. They expressed so in such a way that brought you to tears... but kept you here.

How would one package that? Is there a quick elevator pitch that an artist can serve up to delineate the nuanced potentials of such existential, cathartic value?

You tell me.

All the Best,
Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree

July 31, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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