July 28, 2019

On Balance | The Many States of Balance

#JournalingJuly - July 28th

A Quick WF Legend/Lexicon:

Balance — Any given position of stillness that may be experienced or maintained, but is not Total Center.

Chaotic Balance — An shifting through

Degrees of Balance — Any of the infinite (360°) angles in which one can lean into or sway out of balance. (In this case, think of Balance as a quantum


Deliberate Intention — A choice that was made resolutely & with conviction toward a definitive outcome.

Existential Gravity — The motions of life that govern our existence in some way, shape, form or fashion; that which we cannot supersede.

Mind-Body Coherence — A state in which the mind & the bodywork in total unison, creating a harmonic & frictionless experience of coordination & clarity.

Spectrum —  An encompassing correlation between two or more opposing points of extremes.

State of Balance — A particular position on the spectrum that is characterized by a specific set of qualities of the life experience. (Also used with same meaning: State of Being)

True Balance — Total Center, Total stillness. An extremely rare phenomenon of human existence. The instances in which it is witnessed is akin to what is referred to as “Enlightenment”.

I think I have vacillated many times between the extremes of isolation & total social immersion. To be the Drowning Buddhist or The Social Butterfly, Drawn to the Flame.

True Balance is the most elusive aspect of this human existence. Just when you think you’ve got it, something else tips you just off the scale. Something else... I guess by that I mean the existential gravity that pushes & pulls us; as we push & pull back against it.

There is meaning to the resonance we feel in various moments throughout our lives.

We may find ourselves blissfully present during any given moment, fully immersed in the experience of life & recognizing that for whatever reason, this particular thing, it just sings in harmony with our soul.

Inevitably, if we were to examine the full spectrum beyond just visible light & audible sound, we would arrive upon such a frequency that is indeed that specific experience. We would arrive at a patterned section of frequencies in which your beingness exists. We would see that you & that which aligns with you, share perhaps the same note, key, pitch or rhythm.

All of those experiences & potentialities live within a specific segment of the full life spectrum. Many other’s frequency segments might overlap with yours, or remain very far opposed. You will come across those whom you can harmonize with, despite being several octaves away from one another on this spectrum of balance.

It perhaps may feel weird to talk about balance with such dimensionality. After all, in most cases we are just referring to two extremes, right? The Yin & The Yang, plus the many names that insinuate the same. However this life is complex, & things get pretty quantum, esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, & unfathomable very quickly depending on how deep you journey down that rabbit hole.

Imagine if you were indeed walking a high wire to “balance” yourself. Were you to be perfectly still, you would be equally on both sides of this wire.


Now consider that this high wire that we are walking, is one that, if perfectly still, you would be equally existing in 360 divisions of this wire, metaphorically capable of leaning too far to one of any degrees in 360°.

It’s not about whether you’d fall off... because that’s just what happens when the curtains close & it’s time for each one of us to go home. Right now, we’re still referring to what happens when we are within this unfolding drama.

As we posture & pose to discover some meaningful sense of balance & stillness in our lives, we will find ourselves perhaps more capable of leaning into some familiar degrees of existence more easily than others.

We may witness ourselves fully capable of choosing which direction we want to lean next, yet several things may occur when we attempt it.

1. Let me start with those who may not even realize. The state of Chaotic Balance. At this point, we are pushed & pulled by this existence, in some unknown, divinely designed order. We do not even recognize that there is a spectrum of opportunity that we can selectively move through; we feel just the one path that has already been decided for us.

2. We succeed in manifesting that which we desire specifically. Our Deliberate Intention & Mind-Body Coherence allow us to successfully discipline ourselves to consistently reposition & maintain clarity on a desired state of balance that aligns us with what we want our life experiences to be. With work, it may last for a time.

3. We struggle in & out of familiar positions, humming to a comforting frequency that allows us to exist in what feels as harmonic positions, yet do not provide us with dynamic or particularly enriching life experiences. This state of balance I would refer to as a Comfortable Complacence. This is just part of the cyclical process until we reach a catalyst forceful enough to galvanize us to strive for #2 to occur.

4. We frenzy through sequences of  Chaotic Balance with a semblance of Deliberate Intent. The Social Butterfly, drawn to the flame. Balance for us is found in the vacillation, within the motion between any two or more given points. We are perpetually striving, or perpetually falling.

We may go through all of these motions through some point or another in our lives. There may even be some who desire a greater level of balance,  to experience as close to True Balance as possible, in that their lives are equally non-attached & impartial to any Degree of Balance. The Drowning Buddhist.

In the states nearest to “True Balance”, it would not be possible to be deliberately attached to any particular life experience. And yet, since True Balance is rarely ever attained, some other Degree of Balance must be the seat of the soul when it refuses to turn away from Enlightenment. This would be the lifestyle of the most dedicated monks.

To be seated there so near to the event horizon of True Balance, I can only imagine how much one has to cement themselves into that way of life without attaching themselves to any other subtle gust; as the winds of all the degrees of balance are much stronger there, more palpable.

While I admire their dedication, & I too strive to attain a greater sense of balance in my life, I recognize that any Degree of Balance outside of True Balance, is but a waiting room until True Balance calls to us.

So in the meantime, I’ve decided to find my balance through a dynamic & enriching life experience. One that will indeed incorporate quite a few practices of meditation, mindfulness, stillness, & the like. I’ll reside amongst the frequency arrays of many states of being, in balance.

All the Best,

Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree


July 28, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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