July 10, 2019

WF | A Day In The Life

#JournalingJuly - July 10th

Not much in particular on the mind tonight. It’s been a long day. Productive I would say. So perhaps I shall share with you all a “Productive Day in the Life of Mr. Wildenfree”.

Upon waking up, I stepped right over into my office/studio & recorded the first draft of my remix to “Down Bad” (The Dreamville song featuring JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy). It’s flames you all, Well...I surely think so. Definitely be on the lookout for that one!

Anyway, after that I had my board meeting with NCEG, The National Collegiate Entertainers Group, & chopped it up with my bros Pres (@serpgnik) & @arunballin AG Dynasty.

AG played us a sneak peak of the final mix for yet another song he produced that I’m featured on, this time with my bro Zay BCuz called, “Pharoah Syndicate”. Also flames you all, that’s just my personal — you gotta hear it for yourself when it reaches the world, haha! In return, I played the new draft cut I had recorded this morning. We had ourselves a lil jam session in the car!

From there, we made our way to CMII to link up with my bro @jordansgotacamera of @saltcreativehouse, & were introduced to the teammate @vyvy.thai! It was a pleasure. We got a chance to go over some much needed brainstorming & strategic planning for a content shoot we have coming up this week.

Soon afterwards, I had to visit my bro @shanfotografia over at Studio 6480, so I took them along! Dope people, great potential collaborations, all for meaningful work that’s unfolding before us.

Once we were finished with our visit & tour of Studio 6480, we came back to finish up our final configurations for our recording setup, though not before having stopped by Anatolia Cafe.

I promise I always order the same thing when I go in there, & I have yet to be disappointed by their vegan falafel wrap (with a tortilla, not the pita), topped with spicy tahini & fries plus extra tahini on the side. When I’m downtown & want to eat until I at least “feel” like I’m putting on weight, (because honestly, I don’t), that’s what I order. It’s a go-to favorite for me, I like to keep it simple.

After the love was gone, sorry I meant food was finished, we took note of the final adjustments & packed up to head out. I made it back to my car & immediately went over to the Dekalb Farmers Market! I should have known though, the market is usually pretty dry & out of their best options later on at night. If you really want to go & catch the re-up, I got the inside scoop — you should go Friday or Saturday first thing in the morning.... now that’s the tea right there, the good cup.

Nothing about my day could be described as bad or negative. No need to let those many moments of driving in Atlanta traffic effect me, the brief moments where someone cuts me off or almost rams into my vehicle for not turning their neck. It truly amuses me how that does not stick to me in the slightest. By the time this  have finished a lane merge, all my frustrations have all just gone out the window, though if it caught me off guard, I might’ve let out a curse word or two... I forgive myself for that too.

Anyway, I was at least able to get some nice dried mango, banana chips & some apples from the market, so that was good. I prepared my snacks & an awesome cup of “The Healing Garden Cafe” Tea, mixed & bagged by my friend, author & Tribe fam, @oohgirlbybk! I know she’s reading this too because she’s awesome & super supportive, thanks for the tea blessings & your encouragement in all my writings thus far!

To all else who have been keeping up with my journaling, humbling me with your support, acknowledgement & feedback, I am truly grateful! I consider you Tribe indeed. Rightfully so, if you're still reading this, & you are in the Atlanta area, I would like to invite you to a special event this weekend that I am hosting at my home, "The Living Room Concert"!

This is an exclusive invite only event that I will be building on in the following months, & I would be honored for you to be in attendance & partake in an intimate musical performance like no other, preceded & followed by Tea Talks with yours truly! Food will also be sold & served by my brother, TITAN (@existingwhileblack) aka "Grill Man T" if you know him from Slutty Vegan!

While writing this, I had also prepared a plate of my Curry Hot Pot over a bed of pasta, since I didn't feel like making rice! I made a big pot of curry two days ago, & I happily stumbled upon the joys of curry with pasta. I'll be sure to use it as the picture for today's post. (Just a quick run down of what's in it: Those lil baby red potatoes, carrots, brocolli, chickpeas, tomatoes, coconut milk, curry & herbs). I'm about to sit down & enjoy this while sipping the rest of my tea, & reading a bit of Dr. Stone, the manga.

And that’s about it you all! That was my day. Did you find it exciting? Interesting? Boring or a bit dry? lol it’s all a matter of perspective I’m sure! Peculiar how when the days are a bit optimistic & straightforward, there’s not much of the gripping depths that come with the melancholy reflections... though I am certainly not complaining!

All the Best,

Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree


July 10, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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We are hurt. Ain’t no way around it. To heal would be quite easy, instantaneous even, in stillness with controlled breath. With Forgiveness. With Acceptance. With Willingness to Receive. With Willingness to Let Go.