July 8, 2019

#JournalingJuly - July 8th

I was just dumb stuck. Truly. "Down Bad" by the Dreamville camp really had me slapping myself. Not as a means to purposely impose self-harm, or to demean myself, but to really & truly say - SNAP OUT OF IT! Get out of your mind. What are you brooding over, silly? There's so much beauty in front of you. So much life. So many seeds you've planted that you have yet to reap!

Why waste away playing pong across the corridors of the mind? Slow it down. Pay attention to where it is you want to go, and what directions you must take to get there. Don't sacrifice true novelty & rewarding experience just to convince yourself that a "freedom" to think however you please or a chance to live a life of ease are the best examples of a life well lived!

It's easy to fall victim to those comforts. To be pleasure-driven into complacent stagnation or even into trepidation. We cannot forget the things that ignite our soul, that propose themselves as audacious, seemingly insurmountable but tactically attainable goals. With fervor & a willingness to endure the hardships that will surely arise, we can manifest into this world a reality in which our efforts positively impact the next generations. We can leave the world just a little bit better off than we were born into it.

Ego & pride. Independence & the mind. When you allow these aspects of yourself to govern your life, you create circumstances in which you are quite often, writing yourself out of divinely inspired collaborations. These opportunities require not only your willingness to participate, but most of all, a willingness to be subsumed into the purpose of the collective, with the possibility that your own unique contributions are never quite given the limelight. Yet & still, your presence, your efforts & your aids will be felt by a small number of those with whom you directly cooperated.

Do your best not to forget those who's eyes gleamed with delight when acknowledging your presence with gratitude. Your support system will be born from the margins of those who you've supported throughout your life. They will quite readily provide you with the reciprocity you yearn for, once you set the ball in motion on your own endeavors.

You'd be surprised at the power of a social media connection born from a hunch & good vibes; even the ones you may not have initially given any thought.

The purpose of these words today? Just another friendly reminder to get out of your own way. As I affirm my own existence, get out of my way & pursue my purpose oriented endeavors, I figured it'd be worthwhile to share the insights & the lessons I've learned that have been helping me to reorient my perspective to see the grandeur of dutiful, rewarding work.

Some of the books that may have inspired this frame of mind for me:

All the Best,

Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree


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July 8, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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