July 7, 2019

#JournalingJuly - July 7th

"Certainty & consistency is all key..." A message I wrote to myself at the end of a song titled "Puriphy", that I wrote back in 2017. Still in the process of becoming. Still mining for insights I had buried within to keep myself steadfast off the uncharted path. A destiny awaits me of my own design... I cannot falter from that vision.

Visualization. Seeing with your mind's eye that which you design intuitively. A Cerebro of our own, we can create advanced training grounds in the facilities of our mind to run hypothetical, preemptive scenarios to prime us on the yet-to-be experiences we focus on & interpret.

Affirmations. The manifesting of your reality through intentionally emitting sound vibrations of positive frequencies through language that transforms, uplifts & instills a healthier state of mind for you to thrive. My sister shared with me a book when I went to visit yesterday, by her friend Kyesha Lyons titled, Creating Your Own Reality: A Book of Affirmations.

She expressed it in this way, "Affirmations are defined as positive, specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts." Definitely need that in my life right about now. She goes on to express the importance of being able to master your thoughts as an art form that must be learned. Wise words from a decent Queen.

I certainly believe the process to self-mastery & overcoming one's own mind is quintessential for a life of abundance & deliberate manifestation. Especially if one is an over-thinker like myself, or one who has tried various substances throughout life... like myself. Too much of anything can stretch elastic to the point where it won't bounce back quite as much. It is important for us who have been expounded beyond ourselves, beyond our previous comprehensions of what self is, to embrace all of our new dimensions & cultivate it into a harmonious fit. We suit our lives tailored by our own pin, trying to trim parts of ourselves to live in the mold of the cookie cutter frame that keeps us feeling insane, or... un-sane. It's time to live by our own design.

Boundaries created by you, are some of the best walls & ceilings to ever be composed. So long as you trust your intuition on why you've designed your life with those layers, & commit yourself to being consistent in navigating the pathway those boundaries create for you. They are protecting your vision. They are blocking you from your own natural tendencies to wander, for the benefit of you. Setting aside time for Meditation, Visualization, & Affirmations are just some of the many impositions we can place upon ourselves to live a more meaningful, intentional life.

Let me revisit those three from the top. Meditation, Visualization, & Affirmations. From my personal experience, I do like to nurture them in that order for when I do practice them consistently. I think it is important to master the feeling of what it is like to let go of the control of shifting energy in your mind.

Starting with Meditation (Anapana & Vipassana), allowing yourself to release from trying to grasp all flowing thoughts & focusing your efforts only on respiration & sensation. No control of the breath, just letting yourself inhale & exhale as deep or shallow as natural without force or need for pattern. Mastering singularity of focus.

Following with Visualization. Transitioning that singularity of thought onto a deliberate vision of which you wish to manifest, & that alone.

Affirmations then amplify your singularity of focus by speaking into existence all the mental destinations that you will need to actualize that which you have visualized. Kyesha Lyons' book is a nice starting point in my opinion. Concise & powerful.

What follows from there, is Movement. Breathwork. Yoga. Calisthenics. Cardio. This opens up a new dimension of your Manifestation Practices. I know some pretty amazing people that can tell you about those things, or point you to excellent resources. @_cbudd & @thedarklighthouse for Breathwork. @Yogaplayground for Yoga. @sayhuyen for Calisthenics/Working out & @melanafreelove for Cardio.

I've pieced these things together here & there, knowing that once I really remain consistent in these practices, that life will take on a renewed grace.

"Certainty & Consistency is all key..."

All the Best,

Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree


July 7, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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