July 3, 2019

#JournalingJuly - July 3rd

There is a beauty to stillness, when you’re fully immersed.

A beauty to this turbulence, the whirling of this world.

Brilliantly distinct, yet ebbing & flowing in & out of coalescence with one another.

So long as we’re engulfed in an energy completely, indeed it’s quite a wonder...

Yet when we have one foot through the door, it could all tear you asunder.

It’s like dipping half your body into concrete that’s already dry

While the torrent still ferociously pulls you from the other side.

Juxtaposition. Balanced or torn between, can certainly be

A potent realization of Duality — even amidst the balance gleaned...

To seek in order to find stillness at the center between these extremes

Just to discover at the center of that spectrum, another spectrum.

A journey to either end would lead you to a cliff, or a path uncharted,

Simply waiting for life to unfold once more & push the gamut.

Things may come full circle, or things may spiral...

Or perhaps, it all spirals around the circle itself?

Poetry. Words for the sake of expression.To dare to express that which has often gone, unexpressed.

Do try to make sense of the fact that everything is senseless,

And we are what senses.

I am but a simple man. I earnestly enjoy a simple life.

I peer into complexity with wonder, astounded by all I perceive...

And yet, a grand part of me, simply wishes for life to remain simple. If it ever was.

Dare I find a way to mix with perfect balance the complexities of Duality

With the simplicity of stillness & oneness. As if they were ever apart.

Writing in this way brings me to another space, another time, another existence.

There's a certain notion of nostalgia & remembrance of the unknown that I am gifted.

And it's all unknown.

It all has purpose if you believe it does. There's meaning so long as you derive it.

Purpose, is something you create. Meaning can only be discovered by you.

When life gives you lemons, try not to sit with the decision too long.

What's the best thing for you to do with them? Entirely up to you.

How can you best interpret their meaning or significance? Entirely up to you.

Would you have preferred limes? I'd say that's an unproductive interpretation.

Lemons are what you have now. Do with them as best you can, or simply exist in their presence.

Perceive them for all they're worth, and maybe they will enlighten you with their divine purpose.

Yes, Purpose is something you create. Not you the human, you the consciousness.

Your definition of what's conscious & what's not may be limiting your imagination.

At best, this mind is freer.

Lighter than before for having committed the time & space to explore.

Given the freedom to unravel & unwind & release anything that's within.

Whether or not there was purpose, or meaning or moral, it's still a win.

July 3, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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