July 11, 2019

#JournalingJuly - July 11th

It’s been another long day. I ended up spending too much time absorbed in other content, mixing & mastering a song, tweaking some promo material for my upcoming event, going through footage from the last one... then I fell asleep! I ended up taking an evening nap that quite set me back.

Today I won’t pressure myself or feel bad about the fact that I wasn’t able to deliver a full 500 words for today’s writing. In my mind, what’s important, is that I still carved out a moment in time to redirect my mind to the process of writing & staying true to the objective that I defined for myself. Certainty & Consistency!

When it comes to being consistent, even if the specific goal isn’t met as far as quantity or duration (e.g. number of words, amount of reps, time spent, etc.) YOU STILL WIN when you do just a little bit. You still win when you don’t let it pull you from the mindfulness about the action. You still win if you miss a day & pick right back up the following day.

The key is to turn your challenge of consistency into a daily habit that is a force all on it’s own. That you start to adhere to despite your time crunches, mood swings & other priorities.

I picked apart the science of doing things consistently as it pertains to my own understanding & experiential reality. I know that for me, it doesn’t matter what I choose to be consistent in, whether it’s writing a blog everyday, creating music everyday, sharing a video post everyday.. the key is to see it in your minds eye as already set in stone. The action has been defined in your day & the rest of your day is carved around this one important action. It goest back to “The ONE Thing”, a book I read by Gary Keller.

“What’s the one thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

If we set that out to be the goal we have in mind, we will certainly accomplish a day we can define as successful. Everything else cannot take that win away from you.

I originally started this post saying that I wouldn’t make it to 500 words, & here I am, still striving to attain it. 11:46pm on July 11th, moments before the day ends, simply by starting, I have reinvigorated my resolve to seeing it through.

Sometimes, all it takes is starting & getting your mind out the way. It’s easy to place up mental barriers when it seems the cards are stacked against you, easy to make excuses & reduce yourself to feeling incapable of achieving the mark you set for yourself when you accept those mental barriers as viable reasons to stop trying.

Instead, when you simply blast forward, not caring about the barriers, despite your preconceived notions... you will end up surprising yourself & dissolve those limiters. Even with the small goals, like writing these 500 words each &  everyday.

All the Best,

Sean aka Mr. Wildenfree


July 11, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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