February 5, 2019

I am Not Normal, I’m Peculiar & Unashamed

I’ve done the drugs. I’ve been lost. I thought I was found. I sought enlightenment; in ways I’m still seeking it. I haven’t found the meaning yet. I haven’t lost hope, completely — though it waxes & wanes, I’ve found ways to replenish.

To an extent I expose a lot of myself. Yet & still, there’s so much to know & in many ways I observe feelings of reservation. Proclamations of “pondering peculiar proclivities alone”. I’m not quite ready... or perhaps, maybe I’ve been using my concern for others who may not be ready to step into the rabbit hole of my mind as a permission slip to remain dormant...

The truth is, no one is ever ready — until they’re ready.

My life’s main stage has been waiting on me all along. I’ve been going around getting ready, thinking there was something I didn’t yet have inside.

Here’s a gem:

Accept preparedness & the willingness to proceed as your current state of being, and you will manifest all the “ready” you’ll ever need.

Be unabashedly yourself, yet never limit yourself to who you’ve been. Always recognize your room for growth & many life-changing metamorphoses.

You are everything you wish to become, perhaps without one key ingredient — your permission.

If you’ve delegated that responsibility to the world, you will always be waiting on the next outside force to restore you. To provide you with the course correction you knew you needed all along. You’ll be waiting on the world to give you permission to shine your light; to sing your song, to dance in your divinity, to speak your truths, to serve.

Worldly approval is not a requirement for your happiness & freedom of self-expression. So long as you are not being malicious to anyone outside of yourself (or even to yourself), you should embrace your nuances & quirks fully!

You were waiting on a worldly sign, hm? Some outside catalyst to act as your permission slip to be your peculiar, 100% authentic self? Well... here it is.

I am peculiar & unashamed.

I am not normal — & I never tried to be... I'm living my life so very Wildenfree.

February 5, 2019
Mr. Wildenfree
Peculiar Ponderer. Lyrical Dreamer. Creatively Expressing Balance In Duality.

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