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    Free Thinker. Lightworker. A stoic, tea-sipping philosopher with an artistic perception of the world. The 26-year-old brings a stoic blend of Hip-Hop and alternative that has a refreshing amount of good vibes. Themes of introspection, optimism, and self-reflection unify his eclectic sound — hailing from Atlanta, but the whole world is where he's bound. Songwriter, producer, engineer, and designer, Mr. Wildenfree is a "Jack of All Trades" in the mastering phase.

"&" OUT NOW!

"&" is the newest project from Mr. Wildenfree, a record providing a supplemental serving of style from an artist that certainly knows how to go with his flow. Tracks produced by Anno Domini, Jordyn Edmonds, Blk Swann and Mr. Wildenfree himself, come together to form a feel good groove that's just as fun, honest and charming as it is smooth."&" is available NOW on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, & More!


Mr. Wildenfree previously released "The WILD" on all major streaming platforms. The album is a nostalgic journey for a wayward soul. Percussive, african & oriental rhythms, warm bass meshed with high octave guitars & brass — carefully riddled with rhymes from a lyricist with class. "The WILD" is available NOW on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, & More!


The astounding work of Mr. Wildenfree will not stop with music — vlogging, podcasting, public speaking, and appearing on the big screen are some of the many ways this artist seeks to express himself. He is a featured host on the upcoming podcast, Melanated Lenses. However, with new music on the way and several projects on Soundcloud, there's plenty to explore from Mr. Wildenfree.

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